Rollers · Straightening machine

Experts in the manufacture of all types of rollers (straightening, shaping, profiling etc.), MEKIFASA provides a comprehensive service in this field, from manufacture, recovery of sets of rollers and even covering table adaptation.

Two roller bar straightening machine:

Straightening range from Ø4 to Ø32 mm
Acceptable tolerance: 0.02 mm


Automotion: Within a manufacturing line of spindles for absorbers.

Tubes and bars:

In the production process of tubes and steel bars.

Straightening roller

Part with lathe, milling and grinding operations and table polishing with dimensional and geometrical tolerances of less than 0.02 mm. Starting material: tool steel. Dimensions: Ø150 x 300 mm. Weight: 35 kg.


Two roller bar straightening machine

Detail straightening rollers


Shock absorber

Roller flange

Part with lathe and boring operations with tolerances less than 0.02 mm. · Starting material: Forged steel · Dimensions: Ø800 x 2000 mm · Weight: 3,500 kg

Suction roll

Part with lathe, machining centre and grinding operations with tolerances less than 0.02 mm. · Starting material: Aluminium · Dimensions: Ø130 x 440 mm · Weight: 2.7 kg

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